When to pay

All fees are to be paid on the day of your visit, including patients with private medical insurance. A receipt will be issued to allow you to re-claim this from your insurer. Although payment is covered by the insurance company, you are responsible for all costs fee incurred. Payment is accepted by cash and cheque.


A cancellation period of 24 hours is necessary to avoid a charge.




Annie khenian

Under 16's : £50

Adults : £60


ashley stafford



Charles Bourne

New patient : £60

Follow-up Appointments : £50



All Sessions : £40


Chiropody / Podiatry

Ian Sadler

Chiropody : £40

Biomechanics assessment : £65

Biomechanics assessment with basic prescription : £110

Basic Insole alone : £45

Biomechanics assessment with D3D prescription : £230

D3D Insole alone : £165

Biomechanics assessment with casted prescription : £320

Casted prescription with insole :£215

Casting alone : £40



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