"The session with the Osteopath, Annie Khenian, was amazing. By lightly touching my body, she picked up every area that had ever given me pain, and gave me an eerily accurate assessment of my main personality traits, working life and exercise habits. It was like she had Xray hands."
Sally Brown TIMES Sunday 21st January 2007


"Annie … Historian and curator of human bodies."
Professor Sebastian Balfour, Notting Hill, West London


"Having consulted a number of osteopaths, I was recommended to see Annie Khenian who successfully diagnosed and treated a neck-related nerve problem some years ago.Since then I have regularly seen Annie on a number of different issues, all of which she has resolved. I cannot recommend highly enough her level of expertise and kind and thoughtful manner."
Janet, Northampton.


"I wanted to let you know that your treatments have been extremely helpful to me and without them I would not be able to cope with the pain in my joints. After a visit to you I feel rejuvenated and able to cope with day to day tasks that are otherwise very difficult. You have a magic touch."
Laura, Chief, Acton, West London


"Annie has treated 3 members of our family over the last few years. Annie has excellent diagnostic skills and then provides very effective treatment, ongoing exercise and lifestyle advice."
Kathryn Proctor, London


"Annie Khenian has been treating me for a number of years for an ongoing congenital back condition. I have been amazed at how much relief from pain I always feel after each session and how long the relief lasts. Annie takes a very holistic approach to my care and I am always impressed by how much she questions me - and knows - about all aspects of my health. She's also very good at explaining what treatment she thinks is appropriate for me, and why - something other osteopaths I've seen don't necessarily do.
During my pregnancy, Annie has been especially impressive and knowledgeable about the changes my body has been going through and the best way of treating me to reduce my new aches and pains. I was also quite floored (and impressed!) that Annie knew I was pregnant before I did!!!".
Catriona McGrath, Marketing Manager, CBBC


"My twins are now 4 and Annie has been treating both of them since they were born and I really don’t think they would be the healthy and confident children that they are today without her treatment.
My daughter was born looking very squashed (her brother had taken up more than his fair share of the space inside) and Annie observed some of the impacts of this when she treated her at about 3 days old. We weren’t able to see Annie again until they were about 5 weeks old. In the intervening time, my daughter’s eye oozed constantly and didn’t respond to eye drops etc, and she also had real problems both breast and bottle-feeding. The effect of Annie’s treatment was amazing – not only did the eye clear up instantly, but her facial appearance was much better – Annie observed that she had previously been slightly asymmetrical and was able to diagnose exactly what had caused the eye problems and feeding difficulties. Over the coming months she really helped to relieve my daughter’s digestive problems, and resolve the eye problem, which sometimes recurred after a growth spurt.
The next time I was really stunned though was when my daughter was about 6 months old, when I had observed both that she was difficult to spoon feed – she found it difficult to accept the spoon in her mouth, and also made unusual noises. While her brother babbled ‘Dadada’ ‘Bababa’ etc, she could only say ‘mmmm’ as though her mouth was somehow constricted. I took her to Annie and the effect of her treatment was instant – not only was my daughter able to accept a spoon properly so became much easier to feed, but also she suddenly started to make the same noises as her brother. My nanny at the time, who had been deeply sceptical, was the first to admit that the change was amazing. My daughter loves singing etc now and has always been articulate for her age – I am so grateful to Annie for curing the problems with her mouth because the frustration that she would otherwise have experienced, and the speech therapy etc that we would otherwise have needed don’t even bear thinking about.
Annie has treated my son for a variety of completely different things – he stuck his jaw out in a very peculiar way when he chewed as a toddler, and had a tendency to get coughs etc with lots of mucous. Annie was able to work out what was going on with his jaw, which was in part down to the fact that his fontanelles at closed up in the wrong order, and also release his chest. He’s never had a chest infection or anything and I don’t think that is just down to luck.
When he was about 2, we observed that his knees went in when he was running, and he also complained a lot if required to walk any distance. Annie diagnosed a problem with his hip, which she was able to completely resolve and he was then able to run straight and walk without complaining! It can be difficult with small children to distinguish behavioural issues from physical issues – being able to get a reliable diagnosis from Annie has been completely brilliant in so many ways over the last four years. My back and pelvis also suffered from the twin pregnancy, and I don’t what I’d have done without her to put me back together – and the exercises she recommended now mean that I can resolve it for myself. Her treatment was also incredible in assisting the healing when I broke a bone in my foot. While it has very often been back pain that has taken me to Annie in the first place, her ability to pinpoint precisely both physical and emotional issues has been quite extraordinary and her treatments reduce tension etc far more effectively than a massage would.
Rather unexpectedly I have also found that her treatments also improve my diabetes control substantially– as a result of calming down the effects of stress. I’m not sure how I would have got through the last four years without her!"
Charlotte, London










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