All our practitioners have a high level of training and expertise and are fully registered and insured by their relevant governing bodies.

Annie Khenian

BSc (Hons) Ost DPO DSBFM
Registered Osteopath

Annie Khenian has a proven track record as a clinician, which she achieves by combining an understanding of medicine with an ability to read the body through a developed sense of touch. Whilst her treatments are gentle, she firmly believes in targeting the problem in a direct manner. Annie uses a highly integrated approach of Osteopathy, Cranial and Visceral treatment, Acupuncture, Pilates and Nutritional advice.

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Ashley Stafford

Registered Osteopath

    Ashley Stafford qualified in 1994 and integrates his background as a Professor at the Royal College of Music into his Osteopathic work. He is particularly interested in the integration of vocal performance with the principles of Osteopathy for which he also runs workshops. Ashley believes that every cell in our body requires its own space and pace depending on its physiological requirements.

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Charles Bourne

MA(Cantab) BSc(Hons) LicAc MBAcC

Charles Bourne holds a Licentiate in Acupuncture (LicAc) and a BSc (Hons) Acupuncture, practicing both the ‘5 Element’ form and the ‘8 Principles’ form. Charles maintains a broader interest in the world of complementary medicine and healing, having been a guest speaker at the Royal Society of Medicine and undertaken a study whilst at Cambridge University.

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Claire Skeete

Massage Therapist

Claire Skeete qualified as a massage therapist in 1996 and has since trained in various forms of massage increasing her repertoire of skills and the capacity to truly treat holistically. Having entered health initially in 1975 as a nurse and later as a social worker, Claire’s wealth of experience has developed her insight into healthcare. She uses a holistic approach in enhancing the wellbeing of the body, mind and spirit.

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Ian Sadler

BSc(Hons) Ch (Dpod) MSCP

Ian Sadler has extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of gait and biomechanics related conditions. Ian started his medical career as a medic and paratrooper with the British Army, where he dealt with the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic and overuse injuries to the lower limb. Ian is currently a lecturer in the clinical interpretation of gait analysis technology and the use of orthotic therapy.

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Mona Baghdassarian

Clinic Administrator

Mona will be able to assist you with any enquiries you have relating to your treatment and refer you to the appropriate practitioner.

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